BOGM庆祝中国开放 & 2021年联盟冠军

密尔沃基, WI – 十大赌博靠谱信誉的平台 (BOGM) celebrated their two-year anniversary with a virtual awards ceremony that recognized six local entities for their efforts to improve the overall financial health of the Milwaukee community. A program of the Urban Economic Development Association of Wisconsin (UEDA), 十大赌博靠谱信誉的平台 belongs to a nation-wide network of

Bank On Certified Account Holders Keep More of Their Child Tax Credit Funds

Fees from check-cashing services siphoned off $66 million from the f国税局t round of 刺激 money Americans received last year to help weather the financial upheaval caused by the global pandemic. 大多数美国人只有1美元,200 when Congress passed the CARES or Coronavirus Aid, 救援, and Economic Security Act.  But a report by the Financial Health Network estimated nearly 10% of recipients who received paper checks — instead of a 直接存款

十大赌博靠谱信誉的平台 Welcomes Four New Accounts to Bank On Movement

密尔沃基, WI – Accounts at Equitable Bank, 第一个联邦银行, PNC银行, and Summit Credit Union have been officially certified by the national Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund) as meeting the 2021-2022 Bank On National Account Standards (NAS), bringing the number of NAS certified accounts in the Milwaukee area to eleven. The national safe account standards, co-created by consumer advocates,

Virtual Money Smart Week: April 10-17

Virtual Money Smart Week 2021 will offer daily “Money Smart” educational videos that are free and open to the public! Topics covered include how to talk to your children about money, 制定储蓄计划, finding safe and affordable banking accounts, understanding student loans, tax fraud and identity theft, managing personal financed during COVID-19, 住房

Financial Literacy Month Book Read | April 2021

Every April organizations across the county celebrate National Financial Literacy Month by hosting events and offering opportunities that help individuals and families establish and maintain healthy financial habits. 十大赌博靠谱信誉的平台 is excited to be partnering with Milwaukee Public Library to celebrate Financial Literacy Month with our Financial Literacy Month Book Read For All Ages! 在一起,我们

Get your federal 退税 faster with 直接存款

As taxpayers prepare for the start of the 2021 filing season, the best way to get a 退款 is to combine electronic filing with 直接存款. It’s fast, secure and easy. If you do not currently have a bank account, we encourage you to open up a safe and affordable Bank On certified account. 美国国税局直接存款:是

‘Let’s Get Financially Fit’ Virtual Financial Literacy Series

Join 十大赌博靠谱信誉的平台, 西北边疾控中心, and Ephesians Missionary Baptist Church every Monday from 6:30PM-7:30PM on Facebook Live for the “Let’s Get Financially Fit” Virtual Financial Literacy Series. Different topics related to personal finances will be covered each week and you will be able to ask questions of presenters. 收看

#ShowMeTheMoney: Achieve Products with Bank Five Nine

Achieve Checking Account Bank Five Nine’s Achieve Account is a unique paperless product for customers looking to either establish themselves financially, or who are in need of a second chance. Financial hardships and lack of financial management skills can have a strong impact on your finances and we want to help! Certified through BankOn, a

Milwaukee Financial Navigator Program

密尔沃基市, 在伙伴关系 Riverworks Development Corporation, has created the Financial Navigator program. Through this free service, Milwaukee residents can connect remotely with a trained Financial Navigator to receive one-on-one guidance on managing their financial issues. Trained Financial Navigators employed by the Riverworks Financial Clinic will work with residents over the phone to provide information and resources.

IRS extends Economic Impact Payment deadline to Nov. 21

The Internal Revenue Service has extended the deadline to register for an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) to November 21, 2020. This new date will provide an additional five weeks beyond the original deadline. Special note: This additional time into November is solely for those who have not received their EIP and don’t normally file a tax