Having the right financial tools can change someone’s life, and maintaining a relationship with a financial institution can be the first step in making that change.
Anne Furey, CIBC Community Banking Group

Our Mission

Our members offer services and educational resources that help empower people and families to improve their financial capability, health and independence.

It is important that residents have access to resources that help lay a solid foundation for banking and financial empowerment. Our coalition is particularly focused on assisting youth, first-time job seekers and families with disabilities to access financial services.

Our History

Started in 2018, Bank On Greater Milwaukee helps connect consumers to safe and affordable banking products certified as meeting the Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund’s Bank On National Account Standards. With assistance from the CFE Fund, Milwaukee’s Alliance from Economic Inclusion, local funders, and over 30 partners from the private, public and nonprofit sectors, the Urban Economic Development Association of Wisconsin (UEDA) formed a Bank On working group in late 2017 to identify strategies to increase collaborative efforts that could connect consumers to mainstream financial services and products.

Members represent community-based organizations, financial institutions and local government agencies that provide services and resources such as financial education, credit counseling, savings programs, banking series, credit repair, employment assistance, youth engagement and other financial empowerment programming. 

UEDA serves as the convening agency for Bank On Greater Milwaukee. Coalition members meet regularly to identify points of collaboration, community engagement opportunities, share best practices and develop innovative ideas.


Bank On Greater Milwaukee is proud to be part of the national Bank On movement, made up of over 75 similar local coalitions across the country.

The nonprofit Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund (CFE Fund) is the national partner for local Bank On coalitions, supporting local efforts through resources like the Bank On National Account Standards and accompanying certification, grant support to build local coalition capacity, and a robust learning community. The CFE Fund also works to give voice to local coalition experiences by informing both federal regulatory policy and financial institution practices.